26 October 2012

KENYA : Nakuru Club, Nairobi Aviation on brink of promotion to Premier League

The Nakuru Club basketball team is certain to be promoted to the Kenya Basketball Federation Premier League for the coming season as they comfortably lead the table standings in the Division One league. With only one match to go Nakuru Club has 38 points while the second placed team Nairobi Aviation has 35 points with 2 matches remaining.
This means that even if Nakuru Club loses its last match they will still have 39 points same as Nairobi Aviation that is if they (Aviation) win their last two matches. If Nakuru Club wins the match then they will have 40 points placing them top of the table.
For Nairobi Aviation they only have themselves to blame if they fail to get promoted since the nearest team to them are KCA University with 33 points with two matches also in hand, therefore meaning Aviation only needs to win one of their matches and are guaranteed a spot in the top league.
The first two teams in the league are the teams that qualify to head to the Premier League.
Umoja, KAA and high school Students Upper Hill are at the 4th, 5th and 6th position respectively while at the bottom of the table African Nazarene University are sure of relegation after failing to win a single match in the league. They have 18 points from 19 matches played and one forfeited match.
Above them are EMYBA and World Hope who have 23 and 26 points respectively. The last two teams will be relegated to the Division Two League and that means KU Pirates (3 matches), EMYBA (3) and World Hope (2) all have to win their remaining fixtures in order to increase their chances of avoiding relegation.

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