21 October 2012

KENYA : Hard fighting Eagle Wings fall to champions InterClub

Eagle Wings in Abidjan
Eagle Wings in Abidjan

Updated on 21/10/12 | By DENNIS MACHIO

Kenyan Basketball champions Eagle Wings on Saturday evening put up a hard fighting performance against African champions InterClube from Angola to whom they lost 62-48.This was the second loss for the East African queens who play their third group B match against Nigerian champions on Sunday.
Having lost the first three quarters to the defending champions (16-09, 16-13, 22-07), Eagle Wings never lost hope as they came back in the final quarter with some shocking power pinning down the champions in dramatic style with a 19-08 scoreline. However, it was too late to cover the margin and they lost with a 14 points’ gap 62-48.
Interclub had advantage over Wings with 58-54 rebounds and were also the better side in assists (22-15), steal (17-5) and had fewer turn-overs with sixteen compared to Eagle Wings’ twenty-three.
Eagle Wings next match will be on Sunday at 10:00AM Abidjan time that is 1:00PM Kenyan time against Nigeria’s First Deepwater while Inter Clube plays Arc-En-Ciel basketball club of Democratic Republic of Congo

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