06 October 2012

KENYA : Friday Night Basketball cancelled

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Updated on 05/10/12 | By BRIAN AYIEKO

The monthly Friday Night Basketball that was to be played on the 5th of October 2012 will not take place as planned due to logistical issues. The matches that were scheduled for this evening were Umoja vs Nairobi Aviation, Strathmore Swords vs. Storms and Co-op Bank vs Strathmore Blades and have now been rescheduled for another day.
Despite the reschedule of FNB, other KBF Premier League and also the Division One League matches will go on as planned this weekend with a total of 17 matches being played in both leagues.
The full weekend fixtures will be as follows:
SAT 06/10/2012
KPA vs Ulinzi 4.00 pmKPA
W/Delight vs KPA 10.00 amKPC
MMUST vs Thunder 11:30 amKPC
Nakuru Club vs World Hope 12:00 NoonMHS
KU Pirates Vs ANU 9:00 amNYAYO
Emyba Vs N. Aviation 10:30 am,,
Mennonites vs USIU 12:00 Noon,,
E. Wings vs Storms 1:30 pm,,
Upper Hill vs KCA-U 3:00 pm,,
USIU vs KCB Lions 4:30 pm,,

Lakeside vs Thunder 12:00 NoonKSG
W/Delight vs NYTA Shimba 10.00 amKPC
KPA vs Terror 12:00 NoonKPA
Parklands vs KU Pirates 9:00 amNYAYO
EMYBA vs Upper Hill 10:30 am,,
Umoja vs KCA-U 12:00 Noon,,
E.Wings vs Strathmore 1:30 pm,,
Storms vs USIU 3;00 pm,,
Blazers vs USIU 4:30 pm,,

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