26 October 2012

KENYA : Basketball; Trouble at the docks?

Updated on 26/10/12 | By BRIAN AYIEKO
Mombasa based Kenya Ports Authority men’s basketball team seem to be having internal problems after veteran point guard and undoubtedly one of the est players in the team Dan Okwiri has been notably missing in the side’s few matches under unclear circumstances.
Sources close to michezoafrika.com intimate that Okwiri had some issues with the technical team and thus had been sidelined for those matches that he has missed so far. Michezoafrika.com managed to get a hold of Okwiri and he explained what was happening to the side that had resurgence in form after a number of new signings like Alex Lugasi and Abel Nson.
“After losing a match that we were not supposde to lose considering our caliber, I aired out my concerns and the technical team had issue with this. After that I have been sidelined ever since and when I enquire about it I am told that the orders to keep me out came from “above”. Okwiri explained.
He had a particular concern with Antony Ojuku who coaches the KPA women’s side but recently joined the men’s technical bench, “he usually has a tendency of joining the men’s technical team when we are about to enter the play-offs and the day we lost I challenged some of the technical decisions made in that day.” The men’s coach has been Samuel Kiki since the onset of the league in April.
On the other hand Ojuku maintains that as far as he is concerned Okwiri is still part of the KPA team, “I took over both teams (men and women) officially just last week and what I know is that Okwiri is still part of the team. The players have been given a two week off and when training resumes I expect everybody to be back including Okwiri.”
According to Okwiri who was named MVP in the last Friday Night Basketball (September edition) held in Nairobi he has now resorted to training by himself, “ I have been training by myself while I await to hear from the technical team, once the issues have been sorted I hope to get back.”

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