13 August 2012

SIERRA LIONE : YMCA the 2012 champion.

The Secretary General for the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) Basketball Organizations in the world Reverend John Vilhelm Eltvik has revealed that the game of basketball was invented by the YMCA.
The world basketball scribe made this statement last Saturday at the National Stadium during the grand finals between YMCA and Cannon Royals in the inter-club Basketball championship sponsored by YMCA and AFCON.
He added that the invention of basketball by YMCA has existed for over hundred years and they are very proud that the game has developed so fast in the world. He expressed hope that Sierra Leone will in that trend so that game will be considered a great deal in the country.
Eltvik maintained that he was quite impressed with the performance of the two finalists, both the YMCA basketball club and Cannon Royals for exhibition of brilliance during the competition.
However, this is the first time fthe Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) has won the basketball champions since the inception of the Sierra Leone Basketball Association organized inter club championship
Eight basketball clubs are participating in the competition and they were divided into two groups: Group A includes Cannon Royals, YMCA, Duck Cannon, and Lumley Dreams. While group B comprises of YSC, Kennedy Net, Freetown Lakers and Ashonix

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