18 July 2012

KENYA : USIU Tigers and Flames topping KBF Premier League

USIU vs Balzers in a previous match
USIU vs Balzers in a previous match

Updated on 17/07/12 | By BRIAN AYIEKO

USIU Tigers moved to the top of the KBF Premier League table (men) after they beat Mombasa based Kenya Ports Authority last week Friday 69-65 in the only league match satged at the winner’s backyard along Thika Road.

The students have a point more compared to unbeaten KCB (2nd place) who have 16 points after 8 matches. The students however have played 9 matches losing one of those.
Madaraka based Strathmore (13 points), defending champions Co-op Bank (12 points) and UON Terror (11 points) occupy position 3, 4 and 5 respectively.
Mennonites hold the middle of the table with 10 points followed by KPA and Blazers who have 9 points each. Blazers have played 8 matches compared to KPA’s 6 matches.
Thunder and Kakamega based students Masinde Muliro University follow with both teams sharing 8 points with both teams losing 4 of their matches. Lakeside and Ulinzi are the bottom of the table with Lakeside having 4 points from 5 matches. Their only win in the league so far came when they beat Strathmore University at home (Kisumu Sports Grounds).

In the ladies category USIU Flames continue with unbeaten run of 8 matches acquiring 16 points along the way. They too as their male counterparts flamed KPA ladies team last Friday. They are followed by Storms with 14 points. Defending champions Eagle Wings, Co-op Bank and Western Delights follow respectively with the 3 teams sharing 11 points.
Safe Spaces is at 6th with 10 points followed by KPA who have 9 points. The last two teams are Mennonites and Gladiators with 6 and 5 points respectively. Mennonites have played 6 matches losing all. Gladiators have also not won any match of their 5 matches played and forfeiting one.

The Division one table maintained since there was no league match played over the weekend due to the Tom Munyama tournament that took place.

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