09 July 2012

KENYA : Terrorists strike Soldiers on the buzzer

Ulinzi vs KPA match played on Friday
Ulinzi vs KPA match played on Friday

Updated on 09/07/12 | By BRIAN AYIEKO

In what can be described as one of the most exciting matches in the current Kenya Basketball Federation Premier League, defense forces side Ulinzi were closely beaten by University of Nairobi Terrorists 50 – 52 on Sunday afternoon at the Nyayo Gymnasium in thrilling style.Ulinzi had on Friday night fallen to KPA at the same venue.
Terrorists’ Frank Manyala crashed Ulinzi’s hope of getting a win this weekend when he sank in the last basket on the buzzer to break the 50 – 50 deadlock that the two teams had with 3 seconds to the end of the final quarter.
Ulinzi had started off well beating the students in the first 2 quarters (15-10) (16-15) to put the total scores at half time 31-25 in their favor. Ulinzi’s Moses Shida was impressive in the first quarter staging some immaculate defensive plays having managed 3 direct blocked shots.
The 3rd quarter witnessed a recharged performance from the students who upset Ulinzi ith a four points margin of 10 – 6.
But it was the final quarter that electrified the crowds with each team doing their best to snatch the decisive quarter and with 3 minutes to the end , students led Ulinzi with a single point 48 -49.
After a defensive foul from Terrorists, Ulinzi managed to get a point but the lead was short lived.
Ulinzi’s bad start to the league went on Manyala’s final shot taken on the buzzer went in much to the delight of the crowd to sink the soldiers’ hopes with a final quarter scoreline of 17 – 13 .
Hilary Kubai was the students’ top scorer with 12 points while Brian Obimbo and Frank Manyala each gave their side 11 points. Obimbo was also his side’s rebound taker securing 7 offensive rebounds and 5 defensive rebounds to put the total of 12 rebounds.

Ulinzi’s Mike Tanui was the highest point scorer in the match bagging 18 points for his side and on his way managing to score four (3) pointer shots after nine attempts and ensuring that he sank in all the 4 free throws that he undertook. He was followed by William Ochieng who had 15 points.

The win against Ulinzi has seen Terrorist upset a number of top teams in the past two weekends when they beat defending champions CO-OP Bank and fellow students USIU Tigers.

EMYBA 20/31 VS K.U. PIRATES 25/51
13/07/08/03 16/09/10/16
16 pts Patrick Ruto 13 pts Gilbert Obiero
13 pts Douglas Momanyi

K.C.A.-U 17/41 VS PARKLANDS 13/21

02/05/15/19 07/06/06/12
07 pts Oscar Odhiambo 13 pts Geoffrey Ekong

11/11/15/09 12/11/21/10
14 pts Evans Orenge 16 pts Ariel Okol
10 pts Cain Mingo 15 pts Victor Orare

A.N.U. 14/44 VS NRB AVIATION 35/58

04/10/17/08 21/14/09/14
12 pts Ken Macharia 17 pts Job Byron
12 pts Ben Oluoch

STORMS 22/48 VS SHIMBA 19/34

09/13/10/16 02/17/06/09
17 pts Mercy Wanyama 08 pts Everlyn Atieno
16 pts Susan Akinyi

SAFE SPACES 13/39 VS K.P.A. 24/44

05/08/06/04 18/06/08/12
08 pts Florence Mbithe 07 pts Everlyne Akinyi


09/23/11/14 22/16/25/13
15 pts Joshua Vuva 15 pts Eric Ouma
14 pts Wycliffe Odhiambo 15 pts William Okombo

BLAZERS 22/57 VS K.P.A. 39/69

15/08/23/12 22/17/18/12
16 pts Jay Michoma 16 pts Abel Nnson
15 pts Alex Lugasi

TRAIL BLAZERS 29/58 VS K.C.A.- U 25/60

15/14/17/12 11/14/13/22
17 pts Shem Otieno 13 pts Alphonce Muchiri
14 pts Ishmaeil Nyamache 12 pts Eric Wawire

16/21/14/25 16/14/28/34
17 pts Renison Moibi 21 pts William Okombo
18 pts Joseph Ongoro

U.S.I.U FLAMES 43/70 VS SHIMBA 31/51

19/24/10/17 15/16/10/10
34 pts Hilda Indasi 17 pts Feborah Obunga
10 pts Linda Mfuchi 13 pts Vilma Achieng

10/05/10/06 16/19/13/09
07 pts Faustine Mandu 14 pts Faith Owich
13 pts Emma Nyakweba
11 pts Irene Mmakori

TERROR 25/52 VS ULINZI 31/50
10/15/10/17 15/16/06/13
11 pts frank Manyala 15 pts Mike Tanui
10 pts Hillary Kubai 15 pts William Otieno

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