20 July 2012

KENYA : Nson projects brighter season at KPA

Abel Nson file picture
Abel Nson file picture

Updated on 20/07/12 | By DENNIS MACHIO
Former Cooperative Bank Star player Abel Nson recently switched his allegiance to Mombasa based KPA following a disagreement with the Cooperative Bank’s team management where he played for the past two years.
The player says at KPA, he has been received with respect and given maximum support from the team management and players promising to add his contribution towards uplifting the fortunes of the club.
Nson joined KPA just a day after playing for Coop Bank in a league match against KPA in Mombasa.
“KPA jumped at the opportunity once I told them I was free and available. I switched immediately and this was because I had a disagreement with the Coop Bank management.” Nson told michezoafrika.com.
“I was at Coop bank for 2yrs. Those were arguably my best years in basketball in terms of team experience. I grew to become a key player in year 2. In my first year I fought with a lot of negative adversity from my team-mates but with time they all appreciated what I could bring in terms of leadership especially on and off the court. “ He said.
“ I was very sad when I had to stop playing for the team. I had a great relationship with my coaches and team-mates, but as they say in French, " c'est la vie".
Before moving to Mombasa, Nson was also involved in coaching the Coop Bank ladies Basketball team ‘Kingdom Queens’ but he has now shifted his services to Mombasa’s KPA ladies team.
“I am not with the bank at any level including coaching the Queens. I assist KPA ladies every now and then for now. I am now an integral part of KPA so that's the only team I can work with at any level.

Nson believes KPA has a good chance of winning the KBF premier league this season if they keep the consistency and remain focused.
“My strong belief is that if we gel at the right pace and everyone takes their roles, indeed we have the outfit to win it all this season. My motivation to join the Dock men was mostly because I felt it was the only other team with an outside chance to win.” He continued.
He has however challenged the Kenya basketball Federation to work extra hard and inject some motivation in the league that can spur competition and add professionalism since the league has deteriorated compared to previous years.
“The league has not improved according to me. Some teams are benefiting from having gelled already and thus having wins but that does not translate to a better level. When I came to Kenya in 2003 the league was much stronger. Now, we just have some names here and there but in essence the level is much lower. This I mean in both categories and that's why the finalists are basically predictable.” He concluded.

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