17 July 2012

KENYA : KU Pirates find the top league tougher to handle

KU Pirates /File picture
KU Pirates /File picture

Updated on 11/07/12 | By BRIAN AYIEKO

KU Pirates who were promoted this season have found the going tough in the Division One league managing to win only one match out of the 6 they have played since being promoted to the top league.
Their only win came against EMYBA whom they beat last weekend at the Upper Hill School. However, that did little to uproot them for the base as they have managed only 7 points.
African Nazarene University is a slot above the Pirates with 10 points having lost all their ten matches. EMYBA and World Hope are at position 9 and 10 respectively with both teams sharing 11 points after winning only 2 of their 9 matches. The middle of the table is occupied by Upper Hill, Umoja, Kenya Airports Authority and Parklands Baptist all the teams have 13 points and they are at position 4, 5, 6 and 7 respectively.
Kenya College of Accountancy, Nakuru club and Nairobi Aviation lead the chat. KCA has 19 points losing only once to Nakuru club out of their 10 matches played. Nakuru Club has 17 points out of 9 matches while Aviation shares the same number of points having played 8 matches.

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