21 July 2012

KENYA : CO-OP face Ulinzi as Eagle Wings head to Western

Storms' Mercy Wanyama/ File picture
Storms' Mercy Wanyama/ File picture

The Kenya Basketball Federation Premier League and Division One League will resume this weekend after taking a break last weekend for the Tom Munyama tournament.
2011 Defending champions Co-op Bank play bottom placed Ulinzi Warriors at the Nyayo Gymnasium on Saturday.
There will also be action in Kakamega on Sunday as the women’s defending champions Eagle Wings travel to be hosted by Western Delight at the Kakamega Police Canteen. Delight has been enjoying top form this season and the match promises to light up the court at the Police canteen.

Below are the full fixtures for the weekend;

Mp/1l/160 KPA Vs Thunder 4:00 pm KPA Gymnasium
D1/1l/178 KU pirates Vs ANU 9:00 am NYAYO
D1/1l/162 KAA Vs Parklands 10:30 am “
D1/1l/163 Trailblazers Vs Umoja 12:00 noon “
D1/1l/161 Nairobi aviation Vs KCA-U 1:30pm “
Mp/1l/099 Terror Vs Blazers 3:00 pm “
Mp/1l/179 Co-op bank Vs Ulinzi 4:30 pm “

Wp/1l/146 Western delights Vs Eagle wings 10:00 am Kakamega Police Canteen
Mp/1l/140 MMUST Vs Lakeside `` 12:00 noon ``
D1/1l/166 Upper hill Vs Emyba 9:00 am NYAYO
D1/1l/180 KU pirates Vs World Hope 10:30 am “
Wp/1l/013 Co-op bank Vs Mennonites `` 12:00 “
Wp/1l/167 Gladiators Vs Strathmore 1:30 pm
Mp/1l/181 ULINZI Vs Mennonites `` 3:00 pm
Mp/1l/170 Kcb lions Vs USIU `` 4:30 pm

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