03 June 2012

NIGERIA : Defenders in Relegation Nightmare

The Civil Defense, otherwise known as the Defenders had a wobbly start at the beginning of the 2012 basketball season and only found their bearing at the later stage (week 9) of the season. The team is presently going through its worst nightmare as the week 14 of the DStv premier basketball league will decide their fate.
Although it was no fault of theirs, the team had to forfeit the most number of games by any team in this year's DStv sponsored league on technical grounds.
The basketball club will have to face the relegation axe if the Nigeria Basketball Federation refuses to grant it a waiver or replays for forfeited games based on technical defaults. The coaches of the club have made entreaties to the NBBF stating that their plight be reconsidered since power outages at their home games which resulted in technical forfeitures was no fault of theirs.
The coaches and players alike are seeking for replays of matches lost to technical defaults suffered by the team. The denial of the Defenders entreaty by the NBBF will make null the wish of the team to escape relegation if their appeal is declined.
At the Atlantic conference of the premier basketball league, the Chariots will inevitably be relegated to the 1st division of the basketball league to fight it out at the 1st division of the basketball league next season in an attempt to make it back to the premier division of the basketball league.
Clubs such as the Tapgun Rockets, Nigerian Immigration and Bauchi Nets at the Savannah conference and the Union Bank, Police Baton and Customs of the Atlantic conference have escaped the relegation axe.

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