19 June 2012

MOZAMBIQUE : Salè : "We are growing "

Deolinda Ngulela
Deolinda NGULELA (MOZ)
MOZ - Salé: 'We're growing in confidence'
LISBON (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women) - The Mozambique national side remains upbeat about its chances in the forthcoming FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women (OQTW) despite a preparation period that recently saw them fall to hosts Portugal in a friendly.
The home side won the game, 72-66, but Mozambique's players weren't discouraged as they had only touched down from their flight from Maputo just a few hours before tip-off.

In the contest played in Rio Maior, near Lisbon, Deolinda Ngulela, Anabela Cossa and Leia "Tanucha" Dongue combined to scored 37 points, more than the rest of the team, as they went to the break with a 32-31 lead.
Nasir Salé, the Mozambique coach, said to FIBA.com: "We are growing in confidence and improving some aspects of our game.
"My players showed great determination, despite the short break as we had just arrived from Maputo.
"We controlled our possession and turned the ball over fewer times than Portugal did."
Mozambique had 11 turnovers in the game.
Since that game, Mozambique have continued their preparations with games and workouts against Algés e Dafundo, a historic club based on the outskirts of Lisbon.
At the OQTW in Ankara, which gets underway 25 June, Mozambique are in Group C with Croatia and Korea.
They will be battling for one of the five places available for the Olympic Games.
Mozambique will travel from Lisbon to Ankara on 23 June and two days later will face the Croatians.
"Both teams are good sides and we are aware that it won't be an easy task coming up against either of them," Salé said.
"Our objective is to play well, dignify our beloved Mozambique, and I do not think we are much different to the other teams in terms of goals in this tournament."
Clarisse Machanguana, the only European-based player and the one with the most experience in the group, has joined the team in the Portuguese capital.
Her WNBA and European background, added to her height, is what Salé has been looking for to strengthen his team's game on both ends of the floor.
"She is a great addition to the team, and we welcome her," the coach said following her arrival from Milan.
Asked about the team's condition ahead of the OQTW, Salé said: "This group of players is united, and there is cohesion and hard working spirit.
"I am pleased with their dedication.
"[Against Portugal] they played well, no doubt about it.
"Our playing style prioritizes the team rather than the individual."

The Mozambique squad for the OQTW is Deolinda Ngulela, Clarisse Machanguana, Anabela Cossa, Cátia Halar, Leia Dongue, Deolinda Gimo, Ana Azinheira, Rute Muianga, Odelia Mafanela, Valerdina Manhonga, Filomena Micato and Eliana Ventura.

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