23 June 2012

LESOTHO : Roma to host basketball extravaganza

By Nthako Majoro

MASERU-Eight basketball teams are expected to take part in a one-day competition dubbed Money Tournament scheduled for Roma on June 2.

According to the Lesotho Basketball Association spokesperson, Ratšolo Molupe, one of the teams to battle -it -out at the competition is from Bloemfontein, South Africa while the rest are local.
“We are expecting eight teams, with one coming from Bloemfontein by the name of Alumni Basketball Club. The seven local sides are KTA All Stars, Shines, LP, LUCT, Bashana ba heso, Roma Boys and the hosts, Rovers,” said Molupe.
The tournament, Molupe added, seeks to ensure there is basketball activity in the country at a time there are no regular tournamnts.
“This competition can be hosted any time when there are no basketball events, like now,” he said, adding the competition would also serve as a warm-up event ahead of the winter tournament, set for the end of June or early July.
According to Molupe, the presence of the Alumni Basketball Club would be very crucial for local teams.
“Alumni are a very good team. They have come all the way from Bloemfontein to win our Independence Tournament three times so far, and that indeed, shows how organised they are compared to our teams here at home,” he said, further revealing the LBA national league would begin immediately after the Independence Tournament in October.

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