26 June 2012

KENYA : Eagle Wings mean business

Updated on 25/06/12 | By DENNIS MACHIO

Kenya Basketball defending champions Eagle Wings has been in blistering form this season registering remarkable scoreline against their opponents in the Kenyan premier league.
Over the weekend on Sunday, the champions overshadowed Gladiators with a 95 -31 scoreline inspired by the top scoring form of Silalei Shani and Angela Okoth who managed 23 and 17 points respectively.
Team assistant coach Everlyne Kedogo says they are more determined than ever to retain their title and their current form is as a result of maturity and determination never witnessed in the past two years.
“We have got our groove back. We take each match with all the seriousness and we will not underrate anyone. We want to push ourselves to achieve the best and remain the best in this region. This comes with determination and hard work in training.” She said.
“No one is resting, everyone comes with a mentality to shock the champions, so to be able to counter their intentions, we have to be at our best before they can even think of pinning us down.” She added.
Eagle Wings remain unbeaten this season and Kedogo believes with the current passion and fire in the players’ attitudes, no one will be able to stop them.


22/23/26/24 09/10/08/04
23 pts Silalelei Shani 10 pts Anne Liambila
17 pts Angela Okoth 08 pts Emilly Ongoro

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