20 May 2012

NIGERIA : Defenders Battle Relegation Threat

The Defenders basketball club of Abuja is currently the least ranked team in the Savannah conference of the DStv premier basketball league table. To escape relegation, they have tried all tricks in the books of basketball including buying of new players to beef up the team, increase of training hours to no avail. Their providence seems bent on seeing the team out of the DSTV premier Basketball league-Nigeria's most prestigious basketball league.
The Civil Defence as they are otherwise known lost their game against Bauchi Nets in last week's clash due to a technical hitch. Despite the fact that the team already had a three points lead in their favour, the Power Holding Company of Nigeria seemed keen on ensuring that the Civil Defence team forfeit any hope of competing next year at the elite basketball league. The unfortunate technical hitch incident is their third this year.
Paul Gombwar, Defenders coach told LEADERSHIP WEEKEND SPORTS that he plans to reverse the fortunes of the team. At the moment, escaping relegation is the prime plan. He revealed that winning their next two games will decide if they will be relegated from the league next year.
But despite the situation, he argues that his boys have improved tremendously and the team remains optimistic and are ready to fight the relegation battle to enable them remain at the premier basketball league next year.
They are set to encounter the Nigerian Immigration in Abuja their home ground after going over to Niger State to clash with the Niger Potters.

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