13 May 2012

KENYA : Don Bosco still unbeaten despite Little Prince scare

Updated on 12/05/12 | By BRIAN AYIEKO

Little Prince gave unbeaten side Don Bosco a scare when they went down narrowly 52 –54 in the ongoing Nairobi Basketball Association Division II League played on Saturday afternoon at the Railways Sports Club.
Don Bosco who started on a high note in the 1st quarter, thumped their opponents 18 points against 9 to put them in the lead but the 2nd quarter saw a more cautious Little Prince and the two teams shared the spoils by getting 10 points each putting the total points at 28 – 19 in favor of Don Bosco.
In the 3rd quarter Don Bosco could not match the level of Little Prince and they were beaten by a margin of 7 points with Little Prince getting 19 points against Don Bosco’s 12 points.
The 4th quarter saw a more intense confrontation between the two teams and they drew again this time both teams getting 14 points to help Don Bosco continue with their impressive streak in the League.
Speaking to Michezoafrika.com Don Bosco tactician Steven Sassi admitted that the game was indeed hard and they had to really fight for the win/
“We have seen Little Prince grow in this league for the past 2 or 3 years and we approached this game today knowing that we were playing a good side.’’
He also added that the poor state of the court affected their play and that it should be addressed.
“The court has many issues such as drainage, dust etc which affects a team’s performance. Today we had injury that is Robinson Okinyo who injured his hand and it will take some time before it heals. These are some of the things that should be put in check especially if we have to keep the game on a high.’’
Meanwhile Little Prince Coach Maurice Obilo attributed the loss to lack of training.
“Most of my players are students and that sometimes affects our training. The whole of last week we did not train adequately with 3 or 4 guys showing up for practice. Am sure we could have beaten Don Bosco if we had trained properly.’’
He went on further to say that Don Bosco were the more eager side and that helped them: “We went to the game 50/50 but they were more eager to win to add on that we missed 9 free throws and lost the game by 2 points so do the math. If we were alittle bit more vigilant, then we woild have carried the day."
In a ladies match that was played the same afternoon Kenya College of Accountancy thrashed fellow students Kenya Polytechnic 46 – 16. The Kenya Polytechnic coach conceded defeat saying that most of his regular players moved on to other teams and that currently he was working to blend the current squad.

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