10 May 2012

KENYA : Dolphins’ tactician banks on experience

Updated on 09/05/12 | By BRIAN AYIEKO
Dolphins’ tactician Walter Ayallo will be banking on his team’s experience when they face high school side Upper Hill this weekend when the Nairobi Basketball Association League resumes.
Dolphins who so far have played 5 matches in the League winning 2 and losing 3, went down to Neo Sasa Morans on Sunday in a tightly contested match that ended 34 – 33 and Ayallo rues the missed chances especially on the free throws.
“We missed 22 free throws and we were beaten by only one point so you can imagine if we had gotten those points. We would be talking differently thing right now”, he says.
He also adds that it was in the 1st quarter where the match was decided.
“They gave us a 5 point margin even though we beat them in the other quarters we didn’t catch up in the end.’’
On the technical approach that he intends to use when they face the rather young Upper Hill side, the coach says he wants to capitalize on shooting.
“My team has roughly 70% of shooters and I expect them to shoot and get the points that we need. Another big asset I expect to come to my aid is the experience that is within my ranks. If we get to use our experience well, I believe we are going to win”, he adds.

Though Ayallo says Upper Hill are an inexperienced lot, he believes they posses speed and he intends to play them down.
“Those kids can run, so we intend to play them down and not give them the opportunity to play the fast paced game they are used to. If we cool the game down I know they will get frustrated and that will be the point we knock them off’, he concludes.

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