28 April 2012

UGANDA : Will Falcons-K.I.U put to history the Warriors-Power finals monotony?

A medieval deity could walk on a pile of ashes and not raise dust, but if you have a squad as thick as Falcons and K.I.U’s, surely the hum of your ambitions is well bound to spark a cold shrill up the spines of many – it’s not only Italians who can smell coffee!
Picture this starting 5; 1=Dulla, 2=jeff omondi, 3=steven omony 4=edie K 5=Ameny phillip and a bench that has Francis Tumusiime, Peter Elungat, steven mwesigye aka dux,douglas Uwizera, Yusuf mohamed, Julius lutwama…if a cloth ringed makes it cleaner, then the past 3 seasons have surely ushered Falcons into an avenue that could redeem their days of old.
key factor: Will the financial muscle keep the house in order?
For the past 2 seasons having seemingly settled for a mid table side, K.I.U have made their intentions clear with over 9 additions to their squad in the moulds of 2009 zone 5 MVP Richard Osano omondi arguably last seasons player of the season(read; why stats confess osano is egular season MVP), Njau Nelson(plied his trade in qatar), Francis kasekende(miracle eagles) Akena denis( gulu hawks),explosive foward Alleng deng aka Alleu, Chris…with likely additions Mwaniki Jeff, Orom Makmot and Salim Ali who Heaters manager Denis told KIU to forget as for this season with salim retorting he would rather be a fan than play for Heaters…Brian wati and Jeff mwaniki did tell Denis, “never say never”…a sniff btn the lines smells of a game plan to have Salim Ali don the Titans jersey.
Key factor; Will Salim Ali play for them
No doubt the revelation has been Sam Gombya who has 71 points in 3 games, so much so the telepathy between Ivan Enabu and Norman Blick has been under the carpet. The no comment verbal tick of ug clubs makes it quite a hustle to retrieve info but our sources gather Mike Bazangu and sudanese- american raised Bilfam Warriors point guard Lual Deng are on the wanted list, with Bazangu and Norman running the lanes and Ivan in the middle, pace which has been warriors’ undoing could be delt with once and for all.
key factor: with a tight scheduled regular, zone 5, national team engagements playoffs starting at the quarters and most players on the other side of the age curve, the will they have legs by the semis?
D-mark power
Alot has been said of Powers lack of size in the key with the departure of Robert Mubiru and the injury to Robert Wanitho, but just like they proved against UCU canons in the opener…”have your size but we run”. Powers transition play has still proven too much a stone to bite for the other contenders. Even chicago bulls’ Loul Deng after seeing the Power team in juba laughed off, ” you guys are so small, those guys are tall and big” Bernice had this to say, ” yes they are tall but we run!” and run the did, not just with lead in Juba and the last 2 rings but likely the 3 especially with the poisoned aura of making 2012 a historical year in Powers training sessions-yes 3 straight is the invisible springboard that keeps Power going.
key factor: Chemistry and play-off’s surgeon Ben koma
So will one of the 2 big- boys falter, i hope so! It’s not criminal to flatter with fate, especially in the light of the status quo commanding recognition and acknowledgment. Much as am anti-establishment, if it doesn’t come to pass like the wave that drowned, do not ululate for much as history cannot be erased, it can be re-written.

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