28 April 2012

RWANDA : U-18 Zone Five hoops tournament returns


North African rivals Egypt and Tunisia contested the final of the 2010 tournament played in Kigali. The New Times /T. Kisambira.
One of the first assignments of the new basketball administration that will be voted into office on Sunday will be to organise the Zone Five U-18 qualifiers scheduled to take place later this year.

According to the interim president of the national basketball federation Albert Kayiranga, the country requested Fiba to host the competition but have yet to determine dates for the event.

“Fiba accepted our request to host the tournament and the sports ministry has pledged full support. But we are yet to determine the dates for the tournament,” Kayiranga told Times Sport.
The week long competition will attract eight teams which include Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Burundi. The tourney will also feature a women’s competition.
Rwanda finished in 6th position last time around despite being hosts but Innocent Karuhije, the technical director in the Basketball federation thinks Coach Nenad Amanovic and his team can get a top 2 position.
“Since Egypt has already qualified, there is no reason why we can’t win the tournament. It is the only team that is superior to us,” Karuhije said.

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