25 April 2012

KENYA : Nairobi on a positive start at the Intercities championship

Updated on 24/04/12 | By DENNIS MACHIO

Nairobi City began their campaign to defend their Inter Cities Basketball tournament on a positive note winning their first match on Tuesday 24th against Uganda’s Mukono.

The Kenyan girls who had arrived the same morning from Nairobi braved the road trip fatique to take the court five hours after arrival and went ahead to bag a 51-40 win.
Mukono however gave a solid fight during the match though the reigning champions kept vigil winning the first three quarters (12-06, 10-08, 18-13, ) but the last where they exposed some signs of fatigue allowing Mukono back into the match winning the last quarter 11-13.However it was not enough to bridge the gap as Kenya emerged victorious with a 51-40 scoreline.

On Wednesday Kenya plays hosts Kampala City in their second match that is expected to be full of excitement and emotions. Kampala defeated Moyo 72-44 (14-04, 22-16, 21-14,15-10.) on day one of the competition on Tuesday.

In other matches played on day one, Kampala men’s team beat Moyo 101/48, Juba trounced Mogadishu 82/47 and Hargesia another Somali team lost to Mukono 33/83.
The other Kenyan team taking part in the competition Mombasa City did not have a match on day one after their scheduled opponents Kigali withdrew from the competition at the last minute. Mombasa plays their first match on Wednesday against Hargesia of Somalia.

Kampala vs Nairobi - Women
Mukono vs Moyo - Women
Mogadishu vs Moyo – Men
Hargesia vs Mombasa - Men
Juba vs Kampala - Men

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