24 April 2012

KENYA : 12 Best Players Named for Tour

THE best 12 basketballers from the just concluded Brookeside national secondary schools have been rewarded with a trip to United States for an inter school tournament in June. And as if that is not enough, players who excel at the U.S. show will get scholarships to the prestigious US colleges.
Former Kisumu Town West MP Ken Nyagudi led scouts from the U.S. in selecting the best players for the tour during the national secondary schools championships. The U.S. event will bring together schools from Spain, Germany, Mexico and several states in the US. "If the players impress scouts who will be at the tournament in San Diego, they will be selected to join US colleges after concluding their studies," Nyangudi said.
He admitted it has been difficult coming up with the best 12 because they Maseno event was very competitive. Among the scouts from US were former NBA players Kevin England and Autie Hinns. Laiser Hill coach Smarts Olumbo will coach the team to U.S. and will be assisted by Upper Hill coach George Mayienga. Champions Laiser Hill form the bulky of the squad after winning the title once again. Omari Mulumba, Southern Sudanese nationale Bull Bior, Mwalimu Heri and Eric Mutoro were selected from Laiser Hill while losing finalists Upper Hill have Martin Mugambi, Joseph Ongoro and Adrian Odhiambo. Others are-Oscar Muge, James Wanjara (Maseno School) and Michael Maete (Alliance), Hatib Rajab (Shimba Hills) and Victor Nyagudi (St Mary's).


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