27 February 2012

UGANDA : Friday Night Light Charms Fans

YOU know an African function is really important if it can attract three political hotshots. And it's not even the campaign season.
That, at least, is one way of interpreting the high-profile appearances at day three of Friday Night Lights (FNL) of Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago and Kampala MP Mohammed Nsereko.
Technically, Lukwago and Nsereko were at the popular preseason basketball event for the serious business of playing -- the two were part of Team LK4 -- and their appearance had been announced in advance.
It is the Prime Minister's arrival, at around 8.40pm, which caught everyone off guard. In an instant, FNL had gone from being an exhibition tournament popular in basketball circles to something nearing national importance.
After all, the Prime Minister is leader of government business. Inevitably, the matches were overshadowed by the honourable guests and as such one of the highlights was the Prime Minister draining a free basket from just under the hoop. It showed determination; Mbabazi had missed his first attempt.
"I have enjoyed every moment here," the Prime Minister confessed in a short speech later. "Thank you for welcoming me."
The mayor and Kampala MP did not get the luxury of a free basket but Nsereko didn't really need it. He can play and it was very visible when he was on court, even though his team lost 24-16 to Team Kasewu.
As for the Mayor, we will never know. His teammates inexplicably failed to pass him the ball in his brief time on court although his movement was hardly suggestive.
The big night was rounded off with Jackie Basemera winning the KCB sh1m blindfold challenge.
Mayor Elias Lukwago in action after greeting Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi on Friday.

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