15 February 2012

RWANDA : Hoops Players Get Expert Training From U.S. Coach

IN the next six weeks, basketball players and coaches in the country have a rare opportunity to get expert tips from Ryan Turcott, a professional basketball coach.

The clinic, which is being held at Cercle Sportif sports complex, involves over 50 players spread in two age brackets; 11-14 and 15-17.
Turcott, 27, is an experienced basketball coach who has participated in many International basketball camps like: FIBA Children of the World as Camp Director during the FIBA World Championship in Turkey 2010.
Last year, Ryan did an international basketball sabbatical where he travelled the world in seven months, visiting six countries in the process; New Zealand, Australia Institute of Sports, Turkey, Palestine/Israel and Romania in pursuing the impact of Basketball on different cultures. He organized, led and directed numerous coaching and skills clinics/camps with Basketball governing body of those countries.
He also worked with Sports for Life, a nonprofit peace sports program that uses athletics to bring peace among conflicting countries and cultures.

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