13 January 2012

UGANDA : Amoding salutes teammate Adhiambo

Maureen Amoding is a teammate to Purity Adhiambo but finds no problems in being part of her ‘fan club’. The latter is celebrating winning the Nile Special-Uspa Female Basketball Player of the Year award and Amoding, a shooting guard with UCU Lady Canons wants to join in.
“I am very happy for Adhiambo. She played a key role in the success of our championship battle,” Amoding said. If Adhiambo needed someone to hold her dress when she strides the Golf Course Hotel red carpet on January 27 when the sports scribes hold the annual gala, Amoding would do.

The coach, too, Dale Sculy wouldn’t mind the job. “I am very surprised to win this prestigious award because it’s my first time to feature in the Ugandan league,” Adhiambo, a Kenyan, noted.
“I am thankful to the Almighty, my coach, team mates and all the people who supported and voted for me.” The former Rwandan APR and Strathmore University player led UCU to a 4-0 sweep of KCC Leopards to defend their title.
Instrumental during the MTN-Fuba league second round and the play-offs game series, the 19-year-old led by example. Adhiambo beat Amoding and KCC’s Flavia Oketcho to the prestigious vote.
She won’t be alone in the lights as the oldest sports scribes’ body will also reward 25 other winners on the glamorous night.

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