17 January 2012

KENYA : KBF scheduled to go to polls on April 14 .

KENYA Basketball Federation (KBF) will go to the polls on April 14, a top official revealed yesterday. In view of the polls, KBF secretary Vitalis Gode has directed the branches to conduct their elections by March 31. He said exercise in the branches will be supervised by the provincial sports officers or any appointed federation official. In a circular to all the branches after an executive meeting held in Nairobi over the weekend, Gode said the referees commission and the coaches commission will also elect new office bearers.

He said, “Sitting branch/commissions officials takes responsibility of Informing all the stakeholders the date, venue and time of the meeting, issuance of nomination forms and collection of nomination fees, plus travel and subsistence expenses of the returning officers.” It was not clear from the meeting who among the executive members will seek re-election but an inside source said none of them has any plans of opting out. Only the position of second vice chairman Chris Kinyua remains unclear.

most officials running kbf have no respect for the game no respect for their responsibilities no respect for the players and overall improvement of the game. people of brilliant basketball IQs like peter kiganya ken ondiek coach t9 former coach tony mauldin who i know should be the ones propelling kbf and basketball to another level go through hell just to get anything innovative going. in life anything needs innovation vision creativity the true minds that think and act to serve improve and bring growth if im lying check the record of these men but again africa and kenya wont go nowhere with the same old minds i mean check the records its the same minds that have been forever running kbf from leadership to same old coaches expecting to win if any of these guys read this i dare them to post anything significant they have done in the game. its all about the little money to fight for and insignificant power struggles not seeing that they do not serve the game and people if it did matter they would have changed for the better like i said if they read this and compare themselves with other basketball governing bodies world wide all you will get from them is excuses. i love the game i respect all those who choose to play it the fans the businesses that support the sport but old minds let dead ideas go let the greater minds like kiganya ken ondiek coach t9 the guys whove seen how things are done majuu to lead if only these quality guys could be in leadershp in kbf kenya will see the game through the worlds eyes..love
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