29 October 2011

KENYA : Kenya Airways just two games away from being declared NBA champions .

KENYA Airways will be crowned the 2011 Nairobi Basketball Association champions if they win their two games this weekend. KQ who pipped Upper Hill 63-62 in Game One at Nairobi Railways Club last week need to win the two matches set for World Hope Centre to complete a best of five game sweep.

Relying on the play making of Eric Odhiambo and the inside play of Rogers Mutai and Emmanuel Ekai, Airways remain the favourites. But they will have to keep close tabs on Samuel Dede, Martin Mugambi, Dominic Osale and Eric Ouma to clinch their first provincial title. Safe Spaces are also two games away in the women’s category after they took a 1-0 series lead after beating Africa Nazarene University 48-37 in Game One. Nancy Mutie, Peninah Nthenya, Jane Ouko and Florence Mbithe will be their key players. ANU will rely on Purity Shelly, Lydian Imbati and Emi Ikoni to turn the tables.

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