15 September 2011

UGANDA : Warriors, Falcons tie called off

Kyambogo Warriors’ surge to the MTN-Fuba League play-offs has ground to a temporary halt after their clash with 7UP Falcons scheduled for today was called off by the local body pending an appeal by the latter.

Warriors whipped six-time champions 92-77 in the first round but the former got the result by forfeiture as Falcons used an unregistered player Philip Ameny.
The Fuba rules stipulate that in cases of forfeiture, a walkover is given for the corresponding fixture, something Falcons dispute. “This is a very sensitive issue since it involves interpretation of Fuba rules,” said Patrick Egwel, the Fuba vice-president.
Falcons lost three first round points and a further four in this quota for fielding the Kenyan forward against Charging Rhino and Warriors. Rhino too were punished under similar circumstances.

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