21 September 2011

UGANDA : Falcons on verge of relegation

By Usher Komugisha
Men, Division 3
Shooters v Livingstone
Ssaku v TLC 8:30pm

UGANDA’S most successful basketball club, Falcons, is on the verge of relegation after the game’s governing body FUBA penalised them for using an ineligi¬ble player in Philip Amweny.
According to FUBA tech¬nical committee chairman William Musaazi, the Falcons will lose four points for using Amweny against the Kyambogo Warriors and Charging Rhinos in the first round and another four points in the second round.
“There is no club that is above the law in this league, Falcons and Charging Rhino have been penalised and will lose points for fielding ineligi¬ble players,” said Ali Balunywa, FUBA’s vice president.
In reference to the FUBA rules and regulations, Falcons will not be allowed to play the return fixtures against the same sides.
Competitions committee chairman Sande Manano told New Vision that Falcons was warned beforehand that they would lose points but they did not heed to the advice. The develop¬ment means the team has now five points.

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