21 September 2011

TANZANIA : Malezi Players Benefit From Coaching Course

BASKETBALL players from Malezi School benefited from a coaching clinic conducted by celebrated former National Basketball Association (NBA) player Joby Wright at the Sadili Oval over the weekend.

The clinic saw the budding players undergo intense training involving targeting various aspects of the games including, endurance, ball control and shoots.
Wright, the NBA Africa technical director, appealed to the local basketball coaches to ensure players receive the necessary assistance to enable them break into the major leagues both nationally and internationally. He observed that Kenyan players have a great chance of excelling in the sport in the future as long as they are guided. "Players who perform well in basketball and in academics have a great chance of winning NBA scholarships.
This is a good thing for African players who are faced with major obstacles as far as the development of their game is concerned," he said. The Malezi players said they are taking the advice on the game and academics very seriously and they will formulate their own timetable in as far as the two things are concerned.

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