08 September 2011

KENYA : Coast League Now Facing a Venue Hurdle

COAST basketballers were thrown into confusion yesterday following the uncertainty over where they will play their premier league matches this weekend. Kenya Ports Authority and Co-operative bank were to play at the Makande gym but there is an inter-banks tournament sheduled for the venue at the same time.

The Co-op men and women's teams were expected to wrestle with the dockers were according to some quarters supposed to be in Nairobi for the inter-banks event. "What I understand as of now is that Co-op guys are not coming as there is an inter-banks event in Nairobi thatstarts this weekend too" said KPA coach Anthony Ojukwu. Coast Basketball Association chairman Ali Hilmy said they had moved the League to Makande for the sake of fans may now revert to Mombasa Baptist if C o-op fail to make it.

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