28 July 2011

African club Championships, Zone 4: BC Mazembe (DRC) emerges victorious

The BC Mazembe of DR Congo won yesterday Sunday the final of the Basketball African Clubs Champions championship, Zone 4 against the Equatorial Guinea Malabo Team (66-56).

From July 9th to 17th, were held at the Palais des Sports of Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, Central African men's and women's basketball Championships. In men, the BC Mazembe, who won the final against the Malabo Team (66-56), occupied the first position on the podium. However, these two finalists will represent Zone 4 in the final stages of the African Clubs Championships scheduled for December 2011 in Morocco. In a classification match for third place, Condor of Cameroon beat Gabon's Manga Basketball by 64-60.
In the women's category, the tournament was organised following a championship formula. Arc-en-ciel of DRC was crowned champion in Zone 4 with 11 points. Followed by INJS of Cameroon who collected 10 points. Both teams will then defend the colours of Central Africa in Morocco.
The competition was attended by five clubs in the women (INJS, Arc-en-ciel, Noblesse Ladies of Cameroun and INSS of the Democratic Republic of Congo) and eight in the men (Condor INJS of Cameroon, Somo and Manga Sports Gabon, Onatra of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Victoria of Sao Tome and Principe, BC Mazembe and Malabo).

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