02 April 2011

GHANA : Game Day Recap; 1/4

C.Y.O 44, Tema Youth 57
Most fans were looking forward to C.Y.O probably repeating last season's fling against TY. But they couldn't; even with a not as strong TY side that's in serious rebuilding mode. TY was the better side, more organized and composed on both ends of the floor and making C.Y.O's effort in the 4th Q not matter. And Jones is gradually becoming TY's go to man, finishing with 2 blocks, putting in a good chunk of effort on cleaning the boards and scoring the high percentage points on the block. The game of course cannot be talked about without the mention of the ever dramatic Mathias Ocloo, coach of C.Y.O, who yelled out commentary all day to his players

Panthers 43, Kingdom Hoops 58
This match didn't live up to expectation especially after seeing my beloved Panthers loose.K-Hoops are gradually making themselves the team to beat in D2. With their arsenal of experienced Accra L players and organization. Panthers lost the game to bad rotation due to fitness of players, lack of a system (which many of the L's teams lack anyway) and NO practice!

Holy Family 30, Reformers 41
A game that was so quiet am very sure not many of the fans present saw HF guard Djimate get a technical after walking all the way to the court to speak to ref. Steven about a call. The scoring per Q for this game was just awful 5-9, 10-8, 5-9 and 10-7. Reformers was the better side at the end of the day many due to the composure of their coach if you ask me. I heard him yell out a couple of instructions that many players don't like to hear but sometimes these are needed when the game is like this; played with not so much soul.

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