18 March 2011

GHANA : Junior Ball Grand Finale

Venue is the Aviation Social Centre, and the time is 8am. What 's happening is the final games of this year's Milo Junior Ball, one of the competitions organized annually by Rite Multimedia meant for basic and junior high school kids.

One school each represents the Central and Eastern regions, with 6 schools from the Greater Accra region all vying for that one spot won by the HCI who represented the Central region last year.

Here's a list of the competing schools you could use;

Central region - Catholic Jubilee JHS
Eastern region - Anglican JHS
Accra - Air force base basic school, Kotoka Preparatory, Gliss, Ridge Church school, Calvary School and St. Joseph's school.

With no league matches tomorrow, let's all make some time and pass through, show our support for the youth game and see what the future of Ghana Basketball looks like...

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