24 March 2011

GHANA : Game Day Recap; 24/3

Women... Turbo Jets 38, Magic 42
This same game started the W last season, but with a few changes made to both teams this time around. Magic ladies was the better side again, while the Jets showed improvement as the game was not very much one sided like last year's. Very good additions to the Magic team; Aisha, Gwynne and Korro have brought a fair amount of size and understanding of the game to the already good team. So call them better! Anybody watching the game should have obviously noticed the number of "coaches"(persons shouting out instructions) that Magic had. Too much yelling for a team that's not so bad, maybe they should talk to the Jets' coaches to get some info on how to stay composed during games, the man was still cool even when his side was drifting. And then I was very disappionted in the man who was actually on the Magic bench as the coach, Francis Wilson(Soweto). His behaviour towards his own players and the refs(which resulted in him being ejected) was just out of range and highly unnecessary.

D1... Reformers 68, Police 77
Reformers won this match up last year at the same venue(on their home court)58 - 48. Police won this time. Why? Police stayed on the court and got better while I don't know what they(Reformers) did. Very exciting game if you ask me and my panelists( you know yourselves). Kay's one handed put back dunk on the Reformers defense was the most exciting play of the game, but forget fancy plays. Police impressed me a lot with a couple of new plays they introduced in their offense, even though the plays had their own technical flaws, I was just excited that another team has embraced the need to run plays and not just allow the offense to happen like in a pick up game. Emeric and Dickson did the do for Police when needed most. For me, Agbesi was the only bright spot in the Reformers team; dishing out his dimes as usual and knocking down a couple of deep 3's. The team needs a serious revival if they still want to stay among the elite in the L. Can't forget the "attempting to hit, is hitting" on ref Frank by Police forward, Prince. Not an incident we'll like to see occur frequently on our courts but I think some of the refs should get their acts right, sometimes the flaws committed are little bit disheartening for the players to absorb without reacting. That in no way guarantees players to also react unnecessarily after calls.

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