14 January 2011

CAMEROON : South West - Result for the first basketball day

The South West Regional League of Basketball was on its 2nd Day of Play on Sunday 09/01/2011 at the Molyko Sports Complex.This day had a massive participation of teams from the region apart from Pamol BC that had a technical problem to reach Buea from Ekondo Titi changing then the original fixtures.

Apart from the Regional Championship a new organisation was launched in the Region known as Basketball For Development by a German based Non Governmental Organisation.Present were the President of Cameroon Basketball Federation Mr. T S Nduku, the coordinators of the German Based NGO Mr/Mrs. Peter Kreuzinger, the Regional League President Mr. I. E. Mbella, members of the regional league, teams from the South West Region, journalist and the
general public .

Results of the day :
Zion Creekers Tiko # Volcanic Warriors Basketball Academy (34 -16).
Limbe Sharks # K Town Kumba City boys (22-25).
Veterans # Volcanic Warriors Basketball Academy (34-18).
K Town # Zion Creekers (29-14)

Officials present were :Kema Ngoh, Atindogbe Gracien, Achifon Solomon, Mme Akele Aze Consolar, Efon Elad, Mme Amilie Langia, Mme Ann Mbufong, and Eboa Remond

Basketball For Development :

This program was introduced to teams by the founder in a talk.

This is a German organisation promoting Basketball to motivate young people to participate in social activities, health sensitisation and environmental programs.
Basketball for Development establishes and runs basketball centres where registered young people- girls are especially welcome - can organise themselves to play basketball, to help and support each other and to plan and elaborate activities to improve living conditions and environment. Frequent basketball tournaments are organised to compete and present activities where interesting price are waiting for the
winners. Sport and social performance are contributing to the tournament team scores.

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