17 December 2010

UGANDA : From 3-0 down to Game Seven

Game One
Power 93-77 Warriors
Game Two
Power 71-65 Warriors
Game Three
Power 116-108 Warriors
Game Four
Warriors 104-85 Power
Game Five
Warriors 85-81 Power
Game Six
Warriors 90-89 Warriors
Game Seven
Saturday, 6pm at YMCA

For twelve days, Warriors have had to live with the hangman’s noose round their necks since a 116-108 loss left them trailing the playoff final series 3-0 and requiring an improbable miracle to win the title.

Clawing back a 2-0 lead is hard enough, a 3-0 deficit virtually impossible. From game four onward, the holders have stepped on court well aware that the trophy was courtside awaiting presentation to Power if they slipped.

Warriors’ Ronnie Kasewu-inspired 90-89 overtime victory on a dramatic Wednesday evening levelled the series 3-3 to hand the Kyambogo-based team a moral triumph. By averting what had increasingly looked a finals whitewash, Jude Ochen’s team proved they possess the doggedness of champions.

Power are reportedly furious. They are seething with indignation over a host of issues. First is why they’ve let slip such a yawning advantage. They know they’ve blown three championship points and will have no more luxury in Saturday’s decider.

But most antipathy is towards the umpiring which, sources in the team claim, has kept Warriors in contention. They are citing fouls not called against Warriors and delayed Power time-outs.
There is no time to fritter away energies on controversy.

Tomorrow hands Power the final chance to rectify the wrongs of their last three games. The outstanding point guard Ben Komakech will yet again be key for Power. So will Kasewu for Warriors. Then there is Power captain Norman Blick. And Warriors’ Tanzanian import Abdullahi Ramadhan.

The season is now down to one game, just one game. Game Seven promises to be the mother of showdowns.

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