16 September 2010


The Men’s second division always represents much of the unreported drama in Ugandan basketball. What is exciting about this league is the ability of any team to frustrate another. Nevertheless, Rhino which was relegated from 1st division is taking the driver’s seat , Gulu Hawks are also bouncing back and the Power Heaters hope to avoid the playoffs disappointment that happened last season.

Rhino has a 80 percent standing losing to Heaters and MBC Rocks in the first round and has not lost a game in the second round. Shooting guard Opio Mark is leading the attack for the Rhinos and he’s confident that there will not be a barrier that the boys will not overcome. He says, “losing the playoff deciding game last season by a single point to Berkley has everything to do with the recent Rhino form. We felt it hard on us after we lost to Berkley in that game and we resolved to stay together as a team to finish the business we started.”

Rhino will play against Heaters on the 19th of September and the rivalry between these two second division teams is the sweetest. Heaters beat Rhino in the first leg and Rhino will be out for revenge.

Heaters Head Coach Bryan Wathum says of this encounter, “Whichever team wins this encounter will have the bragging rights”. So both teams, it’s a gaining a playoff spot that is at stake as well as team pride.

In a consequent report, Vegetarian could have its playoff spot in jeopardy after losing two consecutive games first to relegation threaten Livingston and losing their previous encounter at home to Gulu Hawks by a point. Vegetarian narrowly missed a playoff spot last season and will be looking forward to avoiding the same fate this season.

Here below is the standings as of 8th September 2010 for the men’s DIV II.

Mens Division II

1-Charging Rhino 8-2

2- MBC Rocks 6-6

3-MUK Heaters 7-3

4-Vegetarian 6-4

5-Diamonds 5-5

6-Gulu Hawks 5-2

7- Livingstone 2-9

8- Sharing Youth 1-9

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