19 August 2010

EGYPT : 1on1 from 3on3 with Romeh El Sadani

SINGAPORE (Youth olympic Games) - FIBA's Kristian Santiago spoke with Day Two-hero Romeh El Sadani from Egypt.

FIBA: You won surprisingly against Lithuania on the second game-day. What were your thoughts in the moment you shot the buzzer?

Romeh El Sadani: I was just hoping that it goes in, and when my shot went in, I was just so happy!

FIBA: How is it for you to play 3-on-3 instead of 5-on-5?

Romeh El Sadani: It's so fast moving, you have no time to take a breath. We play 3-on-3 in Egypt only for fun as we don't have tournaments with this format.

FIBA: Were you able to stroll around town to see some attractions? Do you enjoy being here?

Romeh El Sadani: It'S a beautiful country but it's so hot! We didn't see anything yet, but we plan to do some sightseeing soon.

FIBA: Who is your favorite basketball player?

Romeh El Sadani: Kobe Bryant! He's the best player in the world!

FIBA: Thank you for your time and all the best to you!


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