25 June 2010

SEYCHELLES : Lozé back in action after one-year ban reduced

MALE basketballer of the year Rodney Lozé is back playing with PLS Hawks after his one-year ban was reduced.

Hit with a technical foul for misconduct during a league match against Cascade Bullets before threatening match officials, international centre Lozé was handed a one-year ban by the National Basketball Technical Committee (NBTC) – an arm of the Seychelles Basketball Federation (SBF).

Speaking to Sports Nation, SBF chairman Roy Collie said the NBTC was wrong to inflict such a lengthy ban on Lozé, although it was not the first time he has been in trouble with the basketball authority.

According to article 8.7 of the SBF bye-laws, a team member who disrespectfully addresses match officials:

(A) Before and during any official match shall be automatically disqualified followed by a minimum of a two-match suspension;

(B) After any official match, shall be automatically suspended for two consecutive matches.

Repeated offences may result in the offender being suspended for a maximum of three to five consecutive official matches.
Mr Collie noted that the NBTC does not have the authority to hand out lengthy bans on a player.

“If the NBTC feels that a player should be banned for a long period of time, it should forward the case to the SBF executive committee for a final decision.

“In Lozé’s case, we took his appeal into consideration and reduced his ban to five matches. But he has been warned that if he repeats such an offence he is likely to be hit with a lengthy ban,” added basketball head Collie.
The first time Lozé was banned for one year was in 2004.

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