11 May 2010

UGANDA : Ulinzi whip Aviation lads in league

By Erick Ochieng and Titus Onserio

Ulinzi Warriors continued their good run in the Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) Men’s Division Two League at weekend by beating fellow newcomers Nairobi Aviation College 69-52 to increase their chances of clinching the title.

On Saturday, Ulinzi soared over Kenya Polytechnic, hammering the students 62-47 at the Nyayo National Stadium Gymnasium.

Sprite Storms, who reinforced their charges recently, steered clear of Predators by wining 63-55 in the KHU Women’s Premier league.

But it was a dark day for Trail Blazers in the Division Two League whose players had no players’ cards, prompting match umpires to disqualify them and award Friends of Basketball of Kenya (FOB-K) a walk over.

The contest between Storms and Predators was entertaining, with former Eastern Queens’ Emma Nyakweba sinking 19 points for Sprite Storms, who recently benefited from defections by Eastern Queens players.

Silvia Omollo’s 16 points also came in handy for Storms.

Predators, is mainly composed of veteran players, had Carolyn Achieng and Penina Wekesa scoring 12 and ten points.

In the first quarter, Storms registered 17-7 victory before going level 13-13 with their opponents in the second quarter.

Predators third

Predators rose in the third and fourth quarters to win by half a basket to record scores of 18-17 and 17-16. But this was too little too late as Storms reigned supreme due to a huge aggregate.

Ulinzi dominated their contest with Nairobi Aviation College, winning the quarters 12-10,14-11,21-11 and 22-20.

Dietel Okoth and Victor Odendo contributed 11 and 17 points in Ulinzi’s victory at the weekend.


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