22 December 2009

LIBERIA : Sparrow identifies Pythons fault

by Anthony A. Stephens

Former Liberian International basketball star Varfley Konneh has identified what he called a major factor responsible for the poor showing of NPA Pythons in the FIBA Zone III Men competition.
The LBF Triple Champions for the 5th time failed to cross the first round of the competition and lost all their three group matches despite winning the Fair Play Award.

Konneh, alias Sparo described Pythons failure to perform in the tournament on the lack of adequate preparation.
According to him the team did not have enough preparation for the showdown.

Sparo has also noticed the current squad of the LBF three times Champions was aging.

He says most of the key players on the team have out laid their usefulness and there was a need for the introduction in of a new breed of young and promising stars.

Some basketball followers have blamed NPA Pythons faliure in the competition on the absent of their Head Coach Matthew Gbamore, and the transfer of their tlasmanic player Mark Smith to Unuru Kings.

But Sparo disagreed and said the the absent of those individuals meant no harm for the club.
“It did not they went there two...three times with Matthew Gbamore and Mark Smith they didn’t cross the first round..in the absent of Maark Smith and Coach Gbamore they still didn’t craoss the group stage..they flop…” he said.

The Commissioner Head Coach also wants the Gbor Wilson led administration adjusts the timing of the league and improves the standard of Sports Commission.

According to him the poor timing of the league and the substandard court have a negative impact on the out put of the Country’s representatives in international competitions.

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