30 November 2009

TANZANIA : TBF polls pushed back again

THE Tanzania Basketball Federation (TBF) polls have once again been pushed back to December 19 for lack of funds.

The federation's President, Richard Kaselela, said in Dar es Salaam today that they need over 6m/- to hold the polls.

He said that the funds would cater for accommodation, meals and upkeep allowances for the delegates.
"The NSC has given us 1m/- but it's not enough. We will work round the clock to settle the deficit," he said.
The elections were earlier planned to be held on October 13 and then moved to November 28.
However, he asked the regional affiliates to look for funds, as the federation may fail to raise the required money.
"Given the limited time, we may fail to raise the funds, so the regional associations should find a way on how to meet the costs for their members," he said.
Kasesela said that the proposed new date will not change again, as the leaders in power are not allowed to pass the December 19 final mark.

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