29 August 2009

UGANDA : Kaboha short of playing staff


Today: MTN-FUBA League
Men, division 1
KIU v KCC Lions
Division 2
Heaters v Bush Court
C. High v Berkley
Stormers v Bucks

KIU coach Nimrod Kaboha will work with what he has when his team play KCC in the MTN-FUBA League today at YMCA.

Kaboha is grappling with a shortage of playing staff as some foreign members of the University team are yet to return from the break.

The list includes influential centre Michael Karuiki (Kenya), captain Henry Mwinika (Tanzania), forwards Dhol Aleu and Abraham Juma (Sudan).

As it is, KIU are in danger of missing the playoffs again and Kaboha is desperate for his team to go on a winning run but he insists he is willing to cut his coat accordingly.
He said: “I don’t want to speculate when they are coming back.
“I’m just going to work with what I have.”
Kaboha is also certain what he has will be enough to secure a much-needed victory over the Lions, who have won just one game all season.

KIU have not faired much better themselves, having won just three of their ten games.
“It (the game against KCC) will not be easy, but I’m confident that I will win it.”
But his counterpart Baker Mande is promising the same for his side.
Mande said: “I’m willing to bet that we beat KIU. If my boys play the same game they played against the Falcons, we will win.”

The result of the game in question was 81-58, in favour of the Falcons.

At the same time, Heaters will take on Bush Court while Crane High will battle Berkley in division two. Stormers face Lady Bucks in the women’s category.

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