27 June 2009

FIBA Africa - Draw of the 2009 FIBA Africa Nations Championship for men in Libya

SUBRATA/LIBYA/ 26th June 2009 (FIBA Africa Nations Championship for men) – FIBA Africa, in cooperation with the Libyan Arab Basketball Federation, hosted today in Subrata the draw for the 2009 FIBA Africa Nations Championship for men.

The 25th FIBA Africa Nations Championship for men (Afrobasket Libya 2009) will be played from 05th to 15th August 2009 in Tripoli and Benghazi (Libya) with 16 Africans National teams.

Please find below the result of the draw, as well as the complete event schedule.

1.Composition of groups:

Group A: Libya, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire and South Africa
Group B: Angola, Mozambique, Egypt and Mali
Group C: Cameroon, Senegal, Congo and Central Africa
Group D: Cape Verde, Morocco, Rwanda and Tunisia

The groups A and B will play in Benghazi while the groups C and D will play in Tripoli.

Please find below the games schedule:

2. Preliminary Round:

5th August 2009:

Group A:
Game A1:Libya vs South Africa
Game A2:Nigeria vs. Côte d’Ivoire

Group B:
Game B1:Angola vs.Mali
Game B2:Mozambique vs.Egypt

Group C:
Game C1:Cameroon vs.Central Africal
Game C2:Senegal vs.Congo

Group D:
Game D1:Cape Verde vs.Tunisia
Game D2:Morocco vs. Rwanda

6th August 2009:

Group A:
Game A3:Côte d’Ivoire vs. Libya
Game A4:South Africa vs. Nigeria

Group B:
Game B3:Egypt vs. Angola
Game B4:Mali vs. Mozambique

Group C:
Game C3:Congo vs.Cameroon
Game C4:Central Africa vs. Senegal

Group D:
Game D3:Rwanda vs. Cape Verde
Game D4:Tunisia vs.Morocco

7th August 2009:

Group A:
Game A5:Libya vs. Nigeria
Game A6:Côte d’Ivoire vs. South Africa

Group B:
Game B5:Angola vs.Mozambique
Game B6:Egypt vs.Mali

Group C:
Game C5:Cameroon vs.Senegal
Game C6:Congo vs. Central Africa

Group D:
Game D5: Cape Verde vs.Morocco
Game D6:Rwanda vs.Tunisia

Time of the games will be given later.


FIBA AFRICA (www.fiba-afrique.org), the African governing body for basketball, is an independent association formed by 53 National Federations of basketball throughout Africa. It is recognised as the sole competent authority in basketball by International Basketball Federation (FIBA). Its main upcoming events are the 2009 FIBA Africa Nations Championships for Men and Women, to be staged in Libya and in Madagascar respectively, the 2009 FIBA Africa U16 Nations Championship for men and women to be played in Mozambique and Senegal respectively and also the 2009 FIBA Africa Champions Cup for men and women to be held later this year.

Do you have access to rosters for the teams?
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