25 March 2009

RWANDA : Registration for hoops league on


CLUBS have been called to register for the 2009 National basketball league. The call comes just days before the national basketball federation (Ferwaba)’s annual general meeting due this Sunday.
“We have informed clubs to start registering for the 2009 league but until date, none has complied,” the federation’s secretary Christine said.

Despite a fascinating start, last year’s league had the worst of endings when APR’s indomitable lions were declared champions by default.

Having to play reigning champions Marine in the play-offs final, the Gisenyi-based club boycotted the final much to the dismay of the basketball fraternity.

Never the less, Cliff Owuor guided APR to their third league title since 2005 when he joined the club.

The Kenyan, who has also guided the club to several other trophies including back-to-back Zone-5 Club Championship, has already earned a reputation as the most successful coach in the club’s history.

Speaking ahead of this year’s campaign, Owuor said that the club is already focusing on sweeping as many titles as they can.
“APR is a big club and as usual sets targets of winning as many titles as they can. So we are sticking to that this year,” he said.

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