31 March 2009

CAPE VERDE : Santiago South Mens Games

Santiago South mens Results

Lenfer X Orgaos - 79 to 68
Seven X ABC - 62 to 61
Assomada X Tarrafl - 15 to 39
Bairro X Assomada - 85 to 37
Seven X Tarrafal - 77 to 53
ABC X Orgaos - 111 to 62
Assomada X Orgaos - 59 to 50
Chao Bom X Tarrafal - 39 to 69

Seven Stars has started very well, has not a lost a game yet. However, Bairro has shown improvement from their first game, and will give Seven a tough game when they meet up in the next round.
ABC, the 2007 champions are not playing up to par, but they are an experience team, and should pick up their games before the end of the regular season.

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