18 January 2009

TANZANIA : Savio thrash PTW in basketball league

Former champions Savio thrashed hapless PTW Stars 65-39 in the men’s RBA basketball league match at the National Indoor Stadium in Dar es Salaam yesterday. The Western conference match saw Savio irresistible from the onset, as they dominated the game and scored points almost at will.

The victors took a 31-15 lead at the break. Evergreen Jije Makani and George Tarimo were the top point scorers for Savio. The duo scored 10 and nine points respectively. PTW Stars points were netted by Hosea Balaigwa, who netted 15 points, while Abbas Hussein scored six points.

The day also saw Western conference leaders Oilers beating Hoop Life 63-60 in a seesaw encounter. The match started in a cracking pace as both team exchanged quick points in turn. Oilers, who were much into the limelight, were leading 30-23 lead at the break.

Hoop Life’s Misoji Charles netted 24 points, while his team mate William Muze managed 14 points. Oilers highest scorers were Gerald Balu, who scored 20 points and Lusajo Samwel netted ten points. The league, which is sponsored by Kilimanjaro Premium Lager, will continue at the same venue on Saturday.

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