19 January 2009

TANZANIA : Prisons too good for Crows

Prisons had a lion’s share of possession in the action-packed match and could have registered three-digit score had their players fully exploited numerous scoring chances they created.
Richard Rover, one of Prisons’ dependable players, was at his best in the game. He covered much ground for his team and slotted in game-high 25 points.
Rover led Prisons’ attacks throughout the match as his side pressed for more points and he was as accurate as ever whenever he aimed at Crows’ hoop.
Benson George and Samwel Sige scored 11 points apiece and skipper John Damas added six points for Prisons.
George, a muscular player, was also terrific both defensively and offensively. He made the most of offensive rebounds to score and skilfully dished numerous assists to team mates whenever he pushed upfront.
Prisons managed to pin down their rather inexperienced opponents in the first two quarters to lead 37-15 at half time.
Crows, however, refused to buckle down to Prisons’ pressure and produced flashes of fancy displays that won it a couple of points at the closing stages of the third quarter.
Their hard working skipper Ally Zuberi and Alphayo Kisusi at times posed threat to Prisons’ defense with skilful runs and dribbling techniques but lacked support from team mates.
Zuberi and Kisusi scored 10 points apiece to emerge top scorers in their team. Team mate George Adida made a series of strong runs towards Prisons’ hoop but his slam dunks’ attempts were futile
Prisons’ noisy cheering fans again stole show on the stands as they backed their team with endless chanting of encouraging words.

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