25 January 2009

TANZANIA : Kili RBA fixtures rescheduled

Dar es salaam Regional Basketball (RBA) Kili league group B matches which were initially set for today, have been postponed following the death of JKT player Sifa Omari. Sifa, the long serving basketball as well as netball player of JKT passed away on Thursday in Dar es Salaam, and according to Basketball Dares Salaam (BD) official Jimmy Nkongo, her burial is due for today in the city.

“We’ve postponed Eastern Conference (group ‘B’) matches to give way for Sifa’s burial ceremony.” The league will continue tomorrow at the National Indoor Stadium in the city with three Western Conference matches on the menu. In the first match reigning champions Vijana (City Bulls) will take on TM Rockets.

The second match will tie up Chui against Savio and the day’s final match will see Hoop Life entertaining PTW. Following last weekend’s results, Vijana sit on third position with eight points in the group followed by Hope Life, who jumped to fourth position from fifth place after attaining seven points while Chui, who were initially on fourth place, slipped to fifth.

PTW Stars are sixth with four points while TM Rockets are trailing the group on three points. The Eastern Conference’s standing shows that JKT are on the pilot seat with eight points followed by the Army Basketball Club (ABC) with seven points. The Tanzania Prisons are third with seven points followed by the giants, Pazi with four points.

The University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Outsiders are fifth with four points, while the Crows, who are making their maiden appearance, are glued at the bottom without no point. The weekly-played league has been organized by the BD and sponsored by the Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) through its Kilimanjaro beer brand.

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