29 January 2009

KENYA : Zone Five Qualifiers: KBF asked to include two players in teams

Former Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) treasurer George Omondi "Nyundo" wants forward Yoni Wanambiuro and John Apollo called to the national team for next month's Zone Five qualifiers in Rwanda.
"Nyundo" as Omondi is fondly referred wondered how Kenya Ports Authority KPA (Ladies) and KCB Lions who won the 2008 premier league back to back and yet can not cannot produce the bulk of the national players."
"If, for example, Eagle Wings and Co-op each have five very good players who warrant being in the national team, the five would have been indomitable in the league." he posed.

Wanambiro and Apollo he said are players with great ability and can lead the team well when the going gets rough as they have proved for the many years in the local league.
At the same time, he feels that Kenyatta University "Pirates" long serving tactician Gitau Waringo should have been given a chance with the men’s team.

He noted that without doubt the players selected were good, "but most have not reached that stage where the nation can rely on them to carry the flag high."
He said that more consultations among the stakeholders should have been done before the release of names because this was a national team.
Immediate former chairman Agina Wesonga questioned why KPA Ojukwu was not maintained as the women's coach because he has been handling the women’s side in the league for long.
"Why did they not let Ojukwu handle the women instead because that is where he has the experience and have someone like Ben Oluoch or Gitau Waringo given the task of handling the men's side instead." ? posed Agina.

He asked KBF to move in fast and assemble the teams as soon as they can as there is no time to waste. KBF named the team last week for the tournament slated for Kigali from February 23-29.
"These teams might not have enough time to train adequately for a tournament of this magnitude and it is due to this factor that KBF needs experienced coaches stop experimenting." he said.

KBF last week named thirty nine players that are expected to start training for then Kigali show. The dates for the players assembly was not disclosed neither were the assistant coaches.

by Dann O. Were

There is nothing new here, same old wrangling which its outcome we already know...we gonna get our asses whipped by teams that a couple of years ago would rather forfeit a game and save themselves imminent humiliation than face us. All i can hear are the same names being mentioned here. Agina Wesonga and Omondi Nyundo never accomplished shit while they were in office. We are just recylcing the same players over and over claiming they have experience and yet they have no significant achievement to warrant their inclusion in the national team. The last time i checked, experience cannot be bought from a shop so at one point it has to dawn on us that we have to give upcoming youngsters a chance to taste the waters and get Overhaul the whole house. I'd rather have unpolished but athletic and coachable youngsters from high schools and colleges to represent kenya than the regular clowns whose only motivation is the allowances and the twilight alcohol indulgence and partying after defeat. Ofcourse we would loose a number of games but a journey of a thousand miles commence with a single step. Eventually we would be victorious. The US "Redeem team" is a case in point here. They moved away from picking up allstars with ultra egos and non commital/concerned attitudes and settled for youngsters with a mission. Sure they lost a couple of games including the FIBA championships but eventually they reaped the ultimate goal; olympic gold. We will only make a tremendous leap if mediocrity and petty politics is bannished from our basketball fraternity. We have already taken the first right step toward success by having Otula in the top office, hopefully the rest of the officials will tow the line and share his vision.
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